I have been struggling through life for the last 40 odd years; the only way I have found to help me deal with this reality and non-reality is through expression. This could involve been barred from the pub, trying my hardest to wank myself to death or waking up in a cell and having no memory of how he got there with the police having coincidentally lost the evidence and me having to believe them to get out in time for tea. Thankfully I normally express myself through ink, paint and swearing at technology so I can produce some digital still and moving images.


Finding a way into festival land has been a fun journey which also got me into creating art again. After a few years of been haunted by and ignoring my skills and having a series of soul destroying jobs and managers whose parents should have been slapped hard in the face every day after creating them. I set up a little sound system on the roof of my car and an ironing board supporting a mini-disc player, mixer and CD player at a free party near Tixover whilst shouting Sex Pistols lyrics to anyone who noticed. This also had my backdrops glowing under a UV light. This lead to a short lived partnership after giving away my first painted backdrop to one of two Andy’s who had happened to walked past me while wearing Orbital style glasses with lights on as I didn't have a torch (much needed item when trying to set things up in the dark). The two Andy's helped me set up the more complicated and bigger than I thought gazebo I had been given by a customer who I had sold windows too that week. A year later me and the Andy's set up our first and only stall at the 2nd Glade Festival then fell out over a little thing called money.


A neighboring stall at The Glade told me about a gathering called NewFoundLands a free party in the middle of rain soaked Wales. I didn't sell anything out there because the rain stopped my stall been erected. I returned the following year as I told Tesco to stick their job up their fuck hole so I could have the bank holiday off. This time I did sell a couple of things as I found a bunch of young hippies who where from a town near to where I lived the other side of this cuntry and they were still on a high from the success of their first festival they had put on a few months ago and the soon to be opening art and music       community center called the Glass Onion in Peterborough, which I dived right in and got involved for the next 2.3 years until it all ended in drunken arguments, sweat and tears with a little bit of hair pulling.

When the dust had settled from the imploded Glass Onion I didn't know what to do next and not wanting to get agency work so I applied to Cambridge school of (F)art to study Illustration and Animation. I found that the students were half my age and I was the immature adolescent still taking drugs surrounded by young and not impressed straight students (how times have changed or was I in the right city for me at that time as I didn’t get in at Bristol probably a good job really).


I saw that the Strawberry Fair was back on after a forced gap year by the police and council who had fucked the (Strawb)Fairies about the year before. Explaining that I was bored of the students and needed to meet some new people doing something that had been missing from my life I got involved and found myself as head of Décor my main task was to design paint and build the new archway to the Fair.


I am still involved with the Strawberry Fair and now run a stage called the Random Bullshit Generator. I Have just moved into an shared art studio and look forward to producing some great (F)arts. Thanks to the book of Horcus (and t not been burned ....yet hopefully never) I have started a few projects which I am hoping to finish next year.


As for now I am designing my own range of xmas cards Red + Fatz who will be in my first comic telling the story of their Adventures on Magic Dust. It is a drug fueled adult humored bullshit story which is taking shape as I type this shit...are you still reading this bollocks go and have a look at some of my art and what I really want you to do is buy some of it so I can give up my day job. Go press some buttons and stop reading. As there is no more to be said. I've stopped writing anything useful and I'm bored and really should be getting on with building the rest of this webshite. Good luck in your life hope it turn out well.

Why is my footer so shit why is Wix so shit i cant have my contact box down here all the time I don't want to have a contact page its boring you don't need one just a contact box on the foot of each page. its fucking massive as well I cant change it its fucking stupid. fucking technology.

I hope you have a bloody good Christmas

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